Elk Grove DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt

Mark Sollitt’s main office is located in Elk Grove, but he also serves the rest of Sacramento County and the surrounding counties. No matter where your DUI case is in the Northern Central Valley, Mark can help you. The office is conveniently located near Elk Grove City Hall and the Elk Grove Police Department

The Local DUI Expert

One of the benefits of a defense attorney who specializes in DUI, is that you get an attorney who knows how to check the scene of your arrest. Police often leave details out of their reports that could help you in court. Sometimes an officer’s view is blocked by fences or trees. Sometimes “reckless” driving is caused by a pothole or blind intersection. Many lawyers never see details like this because they don’t leave their air conditioned offices. Call Mark Sollitt when you want a lawyer who rolls up his sleeves and gets to work.

Elk Grove DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt

Elk Grove DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt

Call Now For Expert Defense

You don’t have time to wait after you are charged with a DUI. The California DMV only gives you ten days to respond to your charges and request a hearing. Without a hearing your license is suspended unless you are cleared of your charges. Sometimes your license remains suspended even if you aren’t found guilty of a DUI. Getting your charges dropped and fighting for you at the DMV hearing gets riskier with every wasted moment. Don’t wait another minute. Call now!