Fairfield DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt

When looking for a Fairfield DUI Lawyer, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck between the Bay Area and the capital. Most DUI attorneys are based in Oakland or Sacramento, and that makes it difficult to find the legal representation you need. When it comes to serving clients, Mark Sollitt takes the difficulty out of stressful DUI defense.

Expert DUI Defense That Comes To You

For one thing, Mark is a recognized specialist DUI Lawyer. He has made DUI law the focus of his career. Not only is he a Specialist Member of the California DUI Lawyers Association, Mark has also spent over twenty years defending people just like you from DUI charges. Normally you would have to travel to an attorney in Oakland or San Francisco to get the kind of help that he brings to you. When you hire Mark, you get expert DUI defense that can come to you. He can meet with you close to your home or workplace. After all, he understands that it is difficult to commute when you face DUI charges.

Fairfield DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt defends clients in Fairfield and the surrounding communities.

Fairfield DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt defends clients in Fairfield and the surrounding communities.

Serving Fairfield & Solano County

Although the main office is in Elk Grove, Mark Sollitt serves all the counties surrounding Sacramento. This includes Fairfield and the rest of Solano County. One of the benefits to a DUI Defense Lawyer who travels to you, is that you get an attorney who checks out the location of your arrest. Police often leave details out of their reports that could help you in court. Sometimes an officer’s vision is obscured by signs or plants. Sometimes your “reckless” driving is due to an unmentioned pothole or low patch of asphalt that collects ice. Most DUI lawyers never find these details because they stay stuffed up in offices or courtrooms. Call Mark Sollitt when you want someone who can clear your name and protect your ability to drive.

Hire The Expert DUI Lawyer

When you are charged with a DUI, you need to call Mark as soon as possible The DMV only gives you ten days to schedule a DMV hearing. Without a hearing you risk an automatic drivers license suspension. Sometimes this suspension can happen even if you are found not guilty in court. Also, calling quickly gives him and his team the opportunity to fact check the police report. Getting your name cleared and your charges dropped gets tougher every day you wait. Don’t waste time. Call now!