San Joaquin DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt

There are many San Joaquin DUI lawyers, but very few who are recognized as DUI specialists. Mark Sollitt has made DUI defense the focus of his career. To accomplish this Mark stays on top of changes in DUI laws and BAC testing equipment. The California DUI Lawyers Association has recognized him as a specialist in DUI defense. With city, county, state, and federal governments all frequently changing policies concerning DUIs, your defense is best with a DUI specialist.

Expert DUI Defense Close To Home

There are many DUI specialists in California, but very few who serve San Joaquin County. Not only does Mark Sollitt have an office in Stockton, but he is also willing to meet with you closer to your home or workplace. When facing DUI charges, transportation is often difficult. That’s why he tries to take the pain and stress out of the legal process. Give the office a call, where you will start with a phone consultation and work from there. Remember Mark is here to help you out through every stage of your case.

San Joaquin DUI lawyer Mark Sollitt serves the greater Stockton area.

San Joaquin DUI lawyer Mark Sollitt serves the greater Stockton area.

Trusted in San Joaquin County Since 1994

It’s important to trust your lawyer, especially when facing DUI charges. When your hire Mark Sollitt as your DUI attorney, that’s exactly who you get. Mark doesn’t delegate cases to junior partners. He handles every aspect of your case. From an initial motion to dismiss, all the way through court trials and DMV hearings, he does it all. After all, he wouldn’t be a specialist if he didn’t go above and beyond for his clients.

Hire The Best DUI Lawyer in San Joaquin County

Call Mark Sollitt’s office as soon as possible after being charged with a DUI. You only have ten days to request a DMV hearing. Without a hearing you risk an automatic drivers license suspension. This suspension can happen even if you are found not guilty in court. Also, calling quickly gives Mark the opportunity to check the scene of your arrest. The police might have left details out of their report that could clear your name. Don’t waste time. Call now!