Solano DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt

Solano County DUI Lawyers are a dime a dozen, but very few can claim to be specialists. The truth is most DUI lawyers in Solano County are criminal defense lawyers who dabble in DUI defense. There is a great deal to DUI defense that requires special training and frequent refresher courses. When you are accused of a DUI in Solano County, call Mark Sollitt. Mark has edited reference books that are used state wide by other DUI lawyers. He keeps current on rapidly changing breathalyzer technology and police procedures. Because of this he is recognized as a specialist by the California DUI Lawyers Association. Face it, when your job, family, or freedom is on the line you need a dedicated DUI lawyer.

Solano DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt defends clients in Fairfield and the surrounding communities.

Solano DUI Lawyer Mark Sollitt defends clients in Fairfield and the surrounding communities.

A Solano DUI Lawyer Who Works With You

Solano County is in an in-between location for legal defense. Most lawyers have set up shop in Oakland or San Francisco, while others are based in Sacramento County. That’s why Mark Sollitt works around your schedule and meets with you close to your home or workplace. Consultations can be done over the phone, taking the pain out of managing your legal defense. When a phone call won’t quite cut it, he will come to you, so you can feel comfortable without a commute. Because, let’s face it, the stress of DUI defense is considerable.

Over 20 Years of Solano DUI Defense

When looking for a Solano DUI Lawyer, find one with experience. Find an expert who has seen it all. Mark Sollitt has been protecting Solano County from DUI charges for over twenty years and he puts that experience to use in every single case. DUI laws change, police procedures change, but the dedication of a DUI specialist is always your best defense. When you need help, hire an expert, hire Mark Sollitt, Solano’s specialist DUI lawyer, because the next best thing just isn’t enough.

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