• “Mark got my second offense with a refusal allegation dismissed by filing and winning a speedy trial motion.”
  • “Mark hung the jury 9-3 for acquittal on my .10, .11 breath alcohol reading level case. The D.A. dropped the case.”
  • “Mark won me an acquittal (not guilty) on a blood case with the blood alcohol level at .12 in a jury trial.”
  • “Mark won a pre-trial motion on the first day of the trial and the D.A. settled for a wet reckless plea for my second offense .18 .19 breath case.”
  • “Public defenders aren’t allowed to do D.M.V hearings. I hired Mark just to handle my D.M.V. case so I could keep driving. He won D.M.V. hearing on .34 blood test because the D.M.V. could not prove I was the one driving.”
  • “Mark was able to get my .16 D.U.I case dismissed with a suppression motion, because the police made an illegal stop.”
  • “Mark won my D.M.V. hearing. I’m 19 years old and my .03 breath test could have meant a one year suspension of my license. With Mark’s help I was able to keep my license.”
  • “Mark won my jury trial. I was falsely accused of revealing (flashing) myself in public. The woman who filed a complaint against me filed a false police report. I was going to lose my job and I would have been required to register as a sex offender. Mark took my case all the way to jury trial and the jury acquitted me 12-0 for not guilty.”
  • “I was accused of possessing and concealing a gun in public. I had gone outside to protect a neighbor of mine who was being assaulted by her older son. The police arrested me. I was about to become a nurse. I got kicked out of nursing school. Mark was able to reverse everything. He got the case dismissed. I am back in nursing school and am going forward with my career.”
  • “I was accused of a felony spousal battery. The injuries were really serious. I was going to go to state prison. Mark was able to find mistakes in my police report. We had a preliminary hearing on my case. The prosecutor agreed to drop the state prison charge and reduced the case to a misdemeanor as soon as I finish my anger management case.” Mark saved me.”


This is no guarantee of a similar result. Each case is different and can have different results.