If you live in the Solano area and are facing criminal charges, Mark Sollitt is prepared to defend your case. Residents of cities like Fairfield, Vacaville, and other areas rely on him for the best criminal defense. Don’t set foot inside a Solano county courtroom without Mark Sollitt by your side.

Criminal Defense You Can Trust

When you have been charged with a crime and are facing penalties and jail time, you deserve the best representation, just like anyone else. Just because that representation is the best around, doesn’t mean it has to come with such an outrageous premium that dealing with the court is the cheaper option than getting a good lawyer. Mark Sollitt offers his expertise to people with the intent of winning their case in court, not maximizing his profits. He uses your freedom as his motivation, and beating the charges is what drives his passion, not his fee. Mark Sollitt works hard and uses his vast knowledge of criminal law in California in every case. That’s why he is the number one criminal defense attorney in Solano, and he intends to stay that way. His uses methods that are aggressive and results driven — he lives up to his prestigious reputation in every case, regardless of the circumstances or client.

Mark Sollitt Clients Include Those Who are Facing:

  • DUI or DWI Charges
  • Drug Charges
  • Probation Violations
  • Violent Crime Charges and Citations
  • Domestic Violence Charges
  • Breaking and Entering Charges
  • Penalties for White Collar Crimes from Check Fraud, to Embezzlement
  • Manslaughter Charges
  • Murder and Homicide Charges

No matter the charge, he is ready to aggressively fight them and ensure the best possible outcome for each one of his many clients.

Don’t Fight Criminal Charges Alone

You might be thinking that you can defend yourself properly in a court of law, but why even risk it? When it comes to criminal charges of any kind, your freedom is at stake! Representing yourself in court is a very high risk decision and should not be taken lightly. Even on your first violation, you could be sentenced to jail time an huge fines. Should you manage to avoid prison, there’s still plenty the court can stick you with. Many people who go into court unprepared end up on probation, working at community service, or under house arrest. The impact of any of these sentences reaches well beyond your criminal record too!

People who receive steep sentences from criminal charges often feel the impact in their personal life, and it runs deep. Many people who self-represent and lose their case end up also losing their job, time with their loved ones, and many even face divorce from their spouses due to the emotional and financial stress of the situation. There is simply too much on the line when you have been charged with a crime to go at it alone. Everyone needs the expertise of an elite criminal lawyer like Mark Sollitt on their side, no matter what charges they are facing.

Get Mark Sollitt on Your Side

Before attending any pre-trail proceedings, hearings, or entering any courtroom, get Mark Sollitt on your side. Mark will fight hard for you by using his award winning techniques and knowledge of criminal law. He will get the best possible outcome for you in your case, no matter how difficult the case may be. His goal is to win every trial for every client he represents, something he’s been doing for many years now. Call Mark Sollitt now to invest in your freedom.