Northern California Theft Attorney

If you are charged with criminal theft (also called larceny) in Northern California, call Mark Sollitt now. The team at Sollitt Law is experienced with defending clients against all theft charges. From grand theft to simple petty theft, we can defend against all theft charges. We can even assist you in reducing grand theft sentences to petty theft under Prop. 47.

Legal Meaning of Larceny/Theft

Larceny is taking another person’s property with the intent of depriving the owner of possession. Often theft charges will accompany other more serious charges such as assault and/or battery in the case of robbery. In California a theft can be charged as a misdemeanor if the property in question is valued under $950. There are some strange nuances to theft law due changes made by Prop 47 in 2014. Because of this, it is important to hire an attorney familiar with recent changes to the law.

Penalties for Theft in California

Petty theft in California generally carries a fine of up to $1000 and/or six months in jail. Repeat offenders may face harsher penalties. Theft of specific items can carry different penalties. For example, theft of bicycles, trade secrets, and livestock are treated very differently under the law.

Grand theft penalties vary considerably depending on the circumstances of the crime. The type of property stolen and the way it was stolen can affect the penalties. Embezzlement, auto theft, and credit card fraud are treated differently and carry different penalties. Regardless, grand theft is a felony and a conviction typically results in prison time.

Hiring a Theft Attorney

All criminal attorneys are aware of the recent changes to theft laws. Few however, make it a point to keep up with the more subtle interpretations of the law. Prop 47 allows some felony convictions to be revised as misdemeanors. It isn’t always clear which convictions are eligible. Similarly, some crimes that appear to be misdemeanors are still prosecuted as felonies. A skilled attorney such as Mark Sollitt will make sure that you face as few penalties as possible and will work to clear you of all charges. Hire an attorney who prides himself on his skill. Get serious representation. Call Mark Sollitt today!