People who live in Yolo County cities, including Davis, West Sacramento, Woodland, and others call on expert criminal defense lawyer Mark Sollitt when fighting criminal charges. When you need the most passionate and knowledgeable attorney to fight for you in your case, Mark Sollitt is the best person to have on your side.

Best Defense without the Premium

If you are a resident of Yolo and you have been charged with a crime, you are facing penalties that could ruin your life. Even in small cases, people’s lives have been turned upside down after their day in court doesn’t go their way. Most people think having the best attorney on their side is too expensive, or they can’t trust their lawyer, so they choose to go at it alone. Mark Sollitt is the top criminal defense lawyer in the area and he is driven by winning, not by what will make him the most money. His record speaks for itself, most of his clients stay out of jail and have the charges against them dropped. He is out there to get the best possible outcome for your case, not to maximize his profits. Mark Sollitt is an expert in California criminal law and he has a passion for winning every case. He worked very hard to earn the reputation as being the best, and intends to keep that intact through his professional integrity and expertise.

Don’t Take Chances When it Comes to Your Freedom

Even if you are facing charges for the first time, or if the crime is a misdemeanor, you could find yourself looking at major jail time or paying out huge fines. No criminal charge is small enough to dismiss and expect that the penalty will be small. Courts often hand down sentences of probation, community service, huge fines, and even jail time for crimes that seem small.

Still think it might be okay to self-represent? Think again! When you walk into court without an expert in criminal law on your side, you are taking a huge risk and gambling with your freedom. With expert criminal lawyer, Mark Sollitt on your side, you’ll know what you’re up against and what the best plan of action will be. He will offer you expert legal advice on the best way to approach your case. You will understand how you should plea, what plea deals are available to you, and how he plans to fight the charges against you. His representation is elite and comprehensive. Bigger crimes are even more likely to receive huge penalties and jail time.

Mark Sollitt Fights for Clients Who Have Been Charged With:

  • DUI or DWI Charges
  • Drug Charges
  • Violent Crime Charges and Citations
  • Domestic Violence Charges
  • Probation Violations
  • Breaking and Entering Charges
  • White Collar Crimes from Check Fraud, to Embezzlement
  • Manslaughter Charges
  • Murder and Homicide Charges

No matter what the charge, you need an expert like Mark Sollitt on your side to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. His methods are aggressive and results-driven, and he will offer than same approach to your case.

The Best Attorney on Your Side

For many years, Mark Sollitt has been fighting criminal charges for his clients and is known as being the best in Yolo. His passion and complete understanding of California criminal law cannot be beat. There is no better criminal defense attorney to have your side than Mark Sollitt. Call now to enlist his comprehensive and aggressive defense to keep your freedom.