DMV DUI Hearing Information

Scheduling your DMV DUI hearing is very important. After you are arrested for a DUI, the DMV will read the arresting officer’s report and decide whether to uphold your license suspension (they always do). A DMV DUI hearing is your chance to argue against your license suspension. Without this hearing your license will almost certainly be suspended. By not scheduling a hearing, you are practically forfeiting your driving privileges. I can help with your hearing as well as defend you in court. I’ve spent years successfully defending people just like you from DUI charges. I have the process streamlined to minimize your stress and give you the best chance for keeping your license.

Ten Day Rule

After being charged with a DUI, you only have ten days from the date of your arrest to schedule a DMV hearing. This is not time to request a restricted license, rather this is time to point out your innocence to the DMV. Police officers don’t always follow procedure. And sometimes innocent people are arrested for DUIs. If you don’t take action within ten days, the DMV is very likely to assume you are guilty and suspend your license. Don’t let this happen. Call my office so I can help!

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Sacramento DUI Attorney Mark Sollitt can handle your DMV DUI Hearing

Sacramento DUI Attorney Mark Sollitt can handle your DMV DUI Hearing

DUI Attorneys & Your DMV DUI Hearing

Not all attorneys will work with the DMV to protect your driving privileges. Public defenders are not allowed to handle your DMV hearing. Some criminal defense lawyers may not know how to deal with the DMV. It is critical to hire a recognized DUI specialist such as myself if you want to keep your license. I’ve made DUI defense the focus of my career. I’ve studied under legal defense masters and I follow the latest in police technology. Nobody is more prepared to defend you than I am!

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