Placer County DUI cases are going to be much tougher to dismiss. The county is receiving $332,469 to fund a vertical prosecution team that will follow cases from arrest to sentencing. The California Office of Traffic Safety is funding the team to promote safer driving conditions in the foothills.

For those accused of a DUI in Placer County, beating the charges is going to get a whole lot tougher. The prosecution team consists of a specially trained investigator and a dedicated prosecutor. This means fewer slip-ups and less shoddy police work for defense lawyers to work with. For those defendants without a DUI specialist attorney, prospects will be bleak. Please be extremely careful and don’t drive after any amount of alcohol, narcotics, or prescription pain medication. Regardless, keep a DUI lawyer such as myself in your phone’s contact list for emergencies.

Even if you are not driving impaired, and have no alcohol in your system you can still be arrested under suspicion of a DUI. A well respected mayor of a foothills town recently was arrested under these very circumstances. He had swerved slightly while driving but never left his lane. Police used that as a reason to pull him over. When asked to perform the usual tests for intoxication, he was unable to walk a straight line due to a physical disability. Police also found his legally prescribed pain medication in the car. He has not yet been charged, and likely won’t be, but not everyone has such a well established reputation protecting them. An ordinary citizen might not have such good luck when wrongly accused. So, for everyone out there, even those who don’t drink. Keep my number saved in your phones. I respond to calls during most hours and have staff ready to answer calls 24/7 when I am unable. I hate seeing good people face unfounded charges that damage reputations and disrupt lives. The increase in funding for DUI prosecutions will serve to increase bad arrests along with the good ones. After all, the police and prosecutors have to justify the increase in their pay.

Stay safe when on the road. And remember that we’re here to help you when you need it.