What can you do to help the process and save your the most money and headaches?

What is an SR-22 Insurance Policy and is it required? How long is SR-22 Insurance Required?

Should you tell your existing insurance company about your DUI arrest?

Should you get an SR-22 DUI insurance policy before court and/or a D.M.V. hearing? Can you get a 100% refund if your case is later dismissed and you win your D.M.V. hearing?

Can that save you a lot of money?

Is there a way to keep your existing insurance company and never lose it and not let them even know you were arrested for a D.U.I.?

What is a Named Non Owners Policy and how much money can that save me?

What is a Motor Vehicle Record?

Minors Under -21?

Should you leave the minor on the parent’s police or write a new policy?

Adult .08 (23152 A/B)

Is there a way to change a 4 month D.M.V. suspension into only a 30-day suspension?

Multiple Offenders (2nd DUI in less than 10 years)

Is there a way turn a 1-year suspension into only a 90-Day Suspension for a second offender.

How long is the D.U.I. school for second and third offenses?

Who long should I keep and interlock ignition device on my car?

Do You have a Loan on your vehicle?

Do you have a loan on the vehicle?

Will it be driven by someone else?

Will they better off submitting a certificate of non-operation to save on the registration fees to the DMV or if they will be subletting the vehicle?

What is a Vendor’s Sole Interest Policy?

What will you do if your insurance company drops you but you have a loan on the car?

Will your lender on your car charge you about $4,000.00 a year for insurance if that happens?

Was the vehicle damaged so it is coming off the road?

Is it going to be repaired and driven?

Is there a way to keep “The good driving discount” even with a D.U.I. conviction?


Are you going to be staying out of state?

Do you have to file an SR-22 with your existing insurance carrier from that state? How long do you have to keep it?

Can you file your SR-22 in California with a different carrier and maybe never have to notify your insurance company about your CA DUI?

What is the National Registry from D.U.I. arrests?

Can you avoid ever having your D.U.I. arrest reported to the National Registry?

What is a 1650 Waiver?

Can you avoid taking a CA D.U.I. class and still keep your license in your home state?

Driving While Suspended (Suspension because of 23152 AB) (14601.2)

Will your vehicle be impounded?

For how long?

Will you have to have an interlock ignition device installed in your car and if yes, for how long?

Can you get the SR-22 posted and your license re-issued even before your first court date

What is an A.B. 541 DUI class? Does it save money on your insurance rates to get enrolled in the class and to get SR-22 insurance before court?

1650 Waivers

When a client is from out of state they are exempt from the AB541 program provided they file a 1650 waiver with the Calif. DMV. However, the Calif. DMV will still require there be an SR22 filing posted for the three years. We can post that SR22 with a California carrier and keep your client off the National Registry (if your client does not maintain the SR22 in California and does get reported they will lose their license in the state that they reside. By keeping the SR22 in good standing in Calif. for the three years in conjunction with the 1650 waiver their carrier in their home state will never be the wiser!!!

Multiple Offenders Convicted of Alcohol Related
Reckless Driving

After being convicted of a second offense that has been reduced to an alcohol related reckless driving, the standard operating procedure is a one-year hard suspension on the license. Starting January 1, 2012 and thanks to AB520 clients now have a way to drive during most of that year.

After the first 90 days the client can obtain a license once they file an SR-22, pay the reissue fee, enroll in a 9-month alcohol program and have the IID installed.

What we do: If the client hasn’t gone to conviction on the 2nd offense yet, we walk them thru what will happen regarding the suspension and the options they have regarding their current policy. We can take them after conviction on the 2nd , it’s just better discounts for the client if we assist them pre-conviction.