Have you recently received a criminal charge involving drunk driving or driving while under the influence? Dealing with the outcome of such charges can be a life changing event if you handle the situation the wrong way. That’s why expert attorney, Mark Sollitt, is here to help you beat the charges with the law on your side.

Keeping You Out of Jail and Behind the Wheel in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento’s number one California DUI Lawyer’s Association Specialist, Mark Sollitt, should be your first call when facing DUI or DWI charges. He is your best line of defense to aggressively fight DUI/DWI penalties. The majority of his clients stay out of jail on their first or second offense, which is virtually unheard of when you self-represent! Not to mention, his rate of cases where the charges are dismissed is nothing shy of impressive. His unique expertise in this field gets results and ensures that you will get the best outcome possible on your court date.

Penalties for DUI/DWI in Sacramento

Once you are charged with drunk driving in a Sacramento city such as Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, etc., you will lose your right to drive right away. What happens afterwards depends on how you prepare yourself to face the court system.

Think you can just breeze through your court date and walk out with a slap on the wrist? Think again! Even if this is your very first time being charged with a drunk driving related violation, you could lose a lot more than you’d imagine.

Here’s What You’re Up Against:

  • Time in Jail
  • Suspended License
  • Loss of License
  • Big Fines, PLUS Court Courts
  • Public Work Service or Community Service
  • Months or Years on Probation
  • House Arrest
  • Court Ordered Alcohol Rehab or Outpatient Treatment
  • Completion of Required Alcohol Education Classes

Many times, people who go to court unprepared are given one or more of these sentences. When the circumstances are extenuating, you run an even higher risk of receiving the maximum allowed penalties for DUI/DWI in the Sacramento court system. If the case involves an accident, BAC refusal, very high alcohol levels, or prior convictions, the cards are stacked high against you. There’s no reason to walk into court and hope for mercy, let Sacramento’s number one DUI/DWI expert handle your case.

Don’t Fight Your DUI Case Alone

When you call on Mark Sollitt, you will have 15 years of experience dealing with DUI cases behind you. Mark Sollitt’s plan of attack is to take on the case head one with vigor and passion. Getting you the best possible outcome in your case is his number one priority, not the payout for him. Professional integrity and doing right by his clients is what drives his determination, not his fee. His experience allows him to work with the court system for you, even when the case seems open and shut. In addition, with his style of proactive and aggressive representation, you will have the best chance to keep your freedom and get your license back. When there is so much at stake in a DUI/DWI case, not calling on the best can be truly reckless.

The bottom line is, you deserve the best defense possible against DUI/DWI charges. Trust a lawyer who has defended thousands of clients and kept them out of jail. Call now for the most complete and comprehensive approach to DUI/DWI defense.