If you have been accused of committing a sex crime in San Joaquin, much is at stake. It’s not only jail time you are facing, you are at risk of losing your job, having problems with future employment, and devastating personal consequences. With so much on the line, it’s vital to have the best legal team on your side.   Mark Sollitt is a talented sex offense defense lawyer and the best in the area. His years of experience and extensive knowledge of the law give him a distinct advantage in court. However, it isn’t just his experience and knowledge that gives him the upper hand, Mark Sollitt has worked both sides of the legal system. Due to this, he has an understanding of the tricks used by interrogators to intimate those in question. He also knows how the prosecutors plan their case to get their win in court. More importantly than all of this, Mark Sollitt knows the importance restoring your reputation and clearing your name.

Sex Crimes Attorney in San Joaquin

In every stage of your case, from questioning, to hearings and trials, and even appealing a previous ruling, Mark Sollitt will provide the best legal defense in the area. Mark Sollitt will even handle getting your record expunged and having your name removed from the sex offender registry.   When you let our legal team help you through this tough time, you will get the best defense for your day in court. Get Mark Sollitt on your side now, there’s just too much at stake to handle your case any other way.

Our team will help defend against sex charges including:

Prostitution or soliciting a prostitute Indecent exposure
Sexual assault

Rape and statutory rape  Serving San Joaquin county, Manteca, Stockton, Lathrop, Lodi, Tracy, and Ripon. Don’t wait another minute, call Mark Sollitt now so he can work on building the best legal defense for your case!