Getting charged for a sex crime in Yolo county can be quite detrimental for your life. Even a mere accusation can spell doom for your reputation and you may even lose your job. Often the accused may not be able to get a new job and his family life is totally destroyed. As the consequences are quite grave, it is better to get the most competent legal defense to come to your aid. Mark Sollitt is an ace sex offense lawyer and he has been in this field since quite a long time. He is aware of all the loopholes of the law and has a lot of information about the methods used by the cops to intimidate the alleged criminals. He is well versed with the line of action which the prosecutors resort to in order to get convictions.

Sex Crimes Attorney Yolo

He realizes the importance of clearing your name and ensuring that your reputation is restored.  Mark Sollitt can take care of all legal defense processes such as simple interrogation, the process of trial or appealing against an earlier judgment. He can also go a step further and get your record eliminated in order to erase it from the sex offender registry. Our legal team is willing to assist you in tiding over this rough patch. Allow us to defend you.

You can rest assure that Mark Sollitt will be with you when your case is scheduled as it is quite crucial to have competent legal defense. We are able to assist you in dealing with charges such as:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Prostitution or hiring a sex worker
  • Sexually assaulting anyone
  • Rape and statutory rape

We cater to the residents of Yolo Country, Davis, West Sacramento, and Woodland. Get in touch with Mark Sollitt to assist you to clear the charges.