Stockton DUI Attorney, Mark Sollitt

I’ve been defending clients from DUI charges in Stockton and Sacramento for over twenty years. In that time I’ve helped people from all walks of life. I’ve represented truck drivers and retirees, home makers and stock brokers. One thing is always the same with a DUI case; the odds are stacked against you. I consider it my calling to protect the people of Stockton from the devastating penalties of DUI convictions.

Stockton DUI Defense Since 1994

When hiring a DUI Lawyer to represent you, find one who knows the streets and roads. Find one familiar with the area where you were arrested. Often, officers will claim to have seen reckless driving, while in reality their view would have been obstructed. I’ve seen police set up DUI checkpoints in illegal locations, and every time I get my clients cases dismissed because police couldn’t bother to follow the rules. Knowledge of the law isn’t enough. I know the streets of Stockton from Eight Mile to Arch Road, and I use that knowledge to help you.

Defending Stockton From Dishonest Cops

I used to be a deputy sheriff in Alameda County. I know the games that police and prosecutors play. I review all dash cam and body cam footage for every case I take. I hold the police accountable and make sure they get punished when they break the law to arrest my clients. I’ve sent dishonest cops to prison by pointing out their false reports. You need a Stockton DUI Attorney who will stand up to police and prosecutors. Hire an attorney who isn’t afraid to take your case to trial. Call my office and get representation that won’t be intimidated!

Call my office at 1-800-420-5667. We will fight this together!

Special thanks to Harold L. Wallin, Illinois DUI Lawyer.